Oct 27, 2006

New Acquisition!

Just in time for Halloween, I bought kinda creepy drawing by John Casey. I know him from Swarm where I have been doing an internship for a few months now. He will also be in an upcoming show at Boontling Gallery in Oakland. Teeny tiny hearts for supporting local artists!

Oct 17, 2006

Oct 8, 2006

So, today I edited a wiki. Many thanks to Tantek who played the role of professor. This meet up was the first of what will hopefully be a series of salons for those of us who are lacking tech-knowledge.

I do feel that I have made a huge leap, however, with the purchase of my new computer. It's sleek and beautiful and white. Now I just need to find some teeny tiny heart stickers to decorate it with. Yay.

Oct 7, 2006


This is Kevin. I have taken over Jenny's blog. She is tied up in the corner and has been given her a ball and cup toy for amusement. She will be released following payment of 19 gallons of Cookies & Cream Ice Cream, in half gallon unmarked containers. Payment must be made in two hours or her new Macbook gets it.

Oct 3, 2006

Soon, hopefully this weekend, I plan to take a full-on caffeine tour of my new city. I already have some favorites which I share with the people here. Number six on the list is even on my block! Totally dangerous. I want to do some ratings of my own, however. The Coffee Ratings site really does a fine job of judging as far as espresso goes, but I need more than just some good crema to really round out my experience. I'm talking about atmosphere, people. I'll let you know how it goes...

p.s. My first use of a link ever! I'm making progress!