Feb 28, 2008

Um. I went to Fresno.

If you know me, you know I love museums. I have my master's in museum studies because I love them so much. I love them SO MUCH that I drove my ass all the way to Fresno to give a wee little talk at the California Association of Museums conference. It was basically just a re-do of my thesis presentation, which was about new media art in museums, and I think it went well. It was lovely to see some of my friends from school again and to stay at a decent hotel (hello sleep number bed!). It's a bit of a relief that it's over now because I was anxious about it for so long. Here's hoping the next conference is somewhere a little more exciting. Tahiti maybe?

Feb 13, 2008

How I Know My Brother is Awesome

Me: Remember how at Grampa's funeral he had an open casket?

Brother: Yeah, that was weird.

Mom: Well I think that's what he wanted.

Me: I don't want that. Give me a viking funeral.

Mom: No. We are not talking about this.

Brother: Is a viking funeral where they set you out on a boat and then someone shoots it with a flaming arrow?

Me: Yeah. I think that's what it's called anyway.

Mom: You're so dramatic. We're not doing that and we're not talking about this anymore.

Me: But it's what I want! Come on, Mom.

Brother: Don't worry, Jen. I'll totally light you on fire.

Me: Thanks, Bro. I knew I could count on you.