Oct 30, 2007

Weekend Art Brunch Postcards

Check out the uber cute postcards I just picked up for Weekend Art Brunch. I had them printed at Rocket Postcards which is the best local deal I've found. I can't wait to pass them out to people!

Oct 29, 2007

Strange Fruit - Bad Seeds

I saw John Casey yesterday and we had a nice little chat about the goings on in our lives. I was reminded that he has a show that opens this Saturday at Receiver Gallery in the Mission. He's showing with Martha Sue Harris, whose amazing work I was able to see during open studios. The reception for the show is Saturday from 7 - 10pm and I'll be there so you should be too.

Oct 26, 2007

Code Switching

We had a really fun opening last night at Swarm for Code Switching. The show is based around a group of artists that are part of the collective Quorum. There's a little something for everyone in the show, from painting to sculpture to new media. I'm mad at myself for not taking pictures of the party but here's my favorite piece from the show:

Laurel Roth
Cheap Thrills
made from fake nails, hair clips, false eyelashes and other drugstore miscellanea

Oct 23, 2007


I'm definitely out of my funk and part of the reason why was a fun trip to some Open Studios on Saturday. We stopped by the Blue Studio at Mission and 17th, then headed to Workspace Limited and finally to 1890 Bryant Street. There was some interesting art and some actually, really great stuff too, particularly at our final stop. What I really couldn't help gawking at however, were the studio spaces themselves. These buildings were absolutely amazing with so much light streaming in! Anyway, I'm a little broke right now so I didn't get to purchase some things I would have wanted to but I did pick up this awesome owl by Kate Durkin.

Oct 19, 2007


It seems like it's been a bad week for me and almost everyone I know. Sickness, bad dates, various sad things related to dogs (don't even get me started on the Ellen fiasco), and I don't know what else. My confidence has really been down lately as I am trying to start up my own business and having some setbacks. I've been feeling like people don't want me to succeed. I had some bumps this week including a depressing email exchange with someone I looked up to as a mentor.

I'm really hoping to just forget this week happened. I'm looking forward to getting up tomorrow, making brunch for some folks, having a mimosa and heading to open studios. Here's hoping next week brings better things for us all.

Oct 17, 2007

Blogger Night @ the SF Conservatory of Music

Another night on the town for the wandering Band of Bloggers! This time we managed invites to a concert at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music for their new series called BluePrint. This first concert was titled, Synethesia: Bridging the Senses. It featured music from a number of composers, including Philip Glass and was conducted by Nicole Paiement.

I'll keep this short because I really don't know much about music and would rather not come off sounding like too much of a dingbat. I knew there was going to be experimental music. Did I love it all? No. Did I really love some of it? Yup.

I'm very grateful to have had an experience that helps me to form my tastes and opinions. I felt stretched and that's what good art should do.

Oct 12, 2007

Getty Villa

When we were down in LA, I got to go to the Getty Villa in Malibu with my cousin. It was really beautiful so I just wanted to share some photos...

Oct 5, 2007

Thanks for Coming!

We had lots of fun last night at Swarm. Hooray for bloggers and friends! I thought the whole night was enjoyable (okay, maybe not when the insane elderly man wandered in) and was so happy to show off all the cool stuff we do at Swarm to some folks. See you all again on October 13th when we go to the SF Conservatory.

Oct 4, 2007

Studios Available for Rent @ Swarm

In case anyone knows an artist looking for a studio, here's the listing for two studios that just opened up at Swarm in Oakland...

About the Studios

Studio 6 and Studio 10 available October 1, 2007.

Studios available are 225 sq ft and 160 sq ft.

Contact Swarm for viewing, or visit during gallery hours
Tu-Su 12-6PM

Swarm Studios provides an atmosphere of creativity, production, inspiration and opportunity for working artists in the Bay Area. High redwood ceilings and an industrial concrete floor characterize the beautiful studio space. There are 11 private studios and a large common space.

Swarm Studios is ideal for artists working in painting/drawing, small sculpture, jewelry, bookmaking, sewing, multi-media projects, digital and more. No large/loud sculpture fabrication.

24-hour secure access
Natural and artificial lighting (fluorescent and halogen 0-UV)
High ceilings
Common clean-up sinks and bathrooms
Shared kitchen
Canvas and personal storage
Parking on evenings and weekends
A mailing address / Virtual tenants OK
Wireless Internet
Month-to-month rental agreement

The building is safe and well lit, located in the commercial district of Jack London Square. Studios range in size from 80 – 225 square feet

Artists may apply for a private studio by downloading a rental application form and submitting it by email or snail-mail. Swarm will host events such as openings, classes, and workshops, which may preclude the use of the common space. Drop-in day and week rates available for common work space.

Contact: info@swarmstudios.net for leasing information

Oct 3, 2007

Weekend Art Brunch

So this isn't the project that Kevin and I are working on, but it's another that I'm pretty excited about. Weekend Art Brunch! It was inspired by my friend Carla and others who like to come to galleries and museums with me since I've worked in these places and know a little bit about what goes on. I'm just starting to brainstorm on places to go and people to meet so all questions and comments are welcome. Be sure to check out the blog which explains the idea in better detail. Yay!