Dec 16, 2006


I am finally finished with my first quarter of classes. It has not been an easy few months with working, going to school, and interning. I did get my thesis proposal done and also helped develop a user interface for online collection access at the Magnes Museum. I learned a bunch but I'm ready for a break. I refuse to think for the next three weeks.

On Thursday, I'll actually get to go and spend some time with my family and my dog, LuLu. I can't wait! I'll also spend some time writing letters to members of congress, in a small attempt to alert them to the situation with Josh Wolf which is quite scary to me and should be to you too. The idea of an innocent person behind bars for the holidays is distressing.


Snowflakes said...

What about some teeny tiny pictures of Lulu, your small daughter????? Come on. She deserves to be displayed on your blog. Okay? Thanks.

Jenny said...

done and done.