Mar 10, 2008

San Francisco Games

Being a single girl in San Francisco affords one the opportunity to play one of the most rewarding games ever in existence: Gay or Not Gay? I have grown up in the Bay Area and thus honed my skills (note to readers: we no longer call it "gaydar." that shit is played) but still get stumped everyone once in a while. Today was one of those times.

I was having lunch with a new friend that I met through a friend of a friend. I know, life's complicated. Anyway, he was darling: well dressed (but not too much), good hair (a little product but not exactly coiffed) and sparkly eyes. While I'm not really looking to date, I kept thinking to myself, which of my friends am I supposed to be thinking about hooking this dude up with? My #1 Gay who works at Marc Jacobs or one of my many hot nerd girl friends?

I tried to steer the convo in a direction that would explain things:

Me: I love getting coffee at Blue Bottle. Almost every guy that works there is super hot.

Him: I guess that's a good thing.


So, I still don't know what the deal is. Being in SF, I suppose I could have just straight up asked him but maybe a little mystery is good for us, no?

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