Jul 19, 2007

Blogger Night at the SF Symphony

Until last night I had never been to the symphony before. Sad, but true. I was among the lucky few who was invited by the San Francisco Symphony to a performance conducted by James Gaffigan.

The entire evening was lovely. The staff who greeted us were lovely, the performance was lovely and every person there looked lovely. I was particularly enchanted by Gaffigan, the young and ebullient new conductor. Even though our seats were fantastic, I was almost wishing we had what people probably believe to be the bad seats, those directly behind the musicians, so I could watch his face as he conducted. I also very much enjoyed the fact that this organization was really making an effort to reach out to bloggers and to young people. I can't wait for my next trip to the San Francisco Symphony.


George said...

"Ebullient" was exactly the word for Gaffigan. Brimming with brio! He was jammin' up there on the podium.

Mace said...

Oh tiny, wonderful, wee James Gaffigan. I can't believe I was too sick to miss my chance to see him again and possibly meet him so he could fall in love with me. Instead I stayed home and made a squid out of yarn.

The seats Tyler and I usually sit in are at the very edge of the choral section behind the artists, and yes, it's mighty fun to watch the conductor's face. Especially Gaffigan's.

Anonymous said...

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