Jan 8, 2008

First Hearts of '08!

Yes, I've been very slow with the updates lately. I give my sincere apologies to all four of you who read my blog.

I thought I'd start this year off by writing up a little list of some of the things I love on the Internet. So here goes:

1. Trulia. My newest obsession is real estate and I love this site that shows what's for sale in any neighborhood.

2. Find of the Day. Every morning I check out the update at Found Magazine. Sometimes funny, sometimes sad, but always intriguing.

3. Janet Charlton's Blog. Man, do I love Hollywood gossip. But this isn't the stuff you'll find on all the other sites. It's better.

4. Design Sponge. Because someday I will have my own place. I will, dammit!

5. Dooce. Comedy gold, pure and simple. Heather is hilarious, she deserves to be a pro blogger.

This list could go on and on. So here's to a new, better year than ever and finding more small things that make us happy!

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